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The Problem

3 billion people are at risk of mosquito borne diseases. Of those at risk, 3.4 million people die every year from mosquito and bacteria borne diseases. This leads to $1 trillion of lost GDP annually due to mosquito and bacteria borne diseases

Every 35 seconds a child dies from malaria and twice as many die from diarrhea

The Mission

Save 200,000 lives per year by distributing life saving products through an affiliate network of NGOs to developing countries in an economically viable way.

The Product

CleanOFF is an enhanced repellent wipe that protects from mosquitoes for at least 24 hours using only 10% DEET concentration and an antiseptic that kills germs. The wipes are lightly scented and moisturize the skin.



The Team

The senior leadership has over 100 years of business practice ranging from VP to CEO level experience in midsized to fortune 15 companies, with a track record of bringing new and innovative products to market.

Our lead scientist has 6 patents to his name in both the pharmaceutical and consumer products industries.

The Progress

We have conducted focus groups and retail studies showing successful adoption uptake of CleanOFF in target markets. CleanOFF has also garnered interest from domestic distribution chains within the United States.